The Viten Highlands (V4) Red Gems – x10000 (All Server)

$76.57 $72.36

 The Viten Highlands (V4)

Pack 5000 Red Gems


By buying this product, you will get 10000 Red Gems in V4 Online
1 Unit = 10000 Red Gems
For Example :
Purchase 1 unit -> You will receive 10000 Red Gems
Purchase 2 unit -> You will receive 20000 Red Gems

_Please make sure your character name is correct.
_Please prepare some items for trade
_Don’t do empty trade .
_This offer is for virtual currency (The Viten Highlands – V4) & the delivery method is Trading face to face in game .


V4 Red Gems will help you easily to enjoy the game. You can buy items, resources, equipments to explore and conquer the Viten Highlands World (V4)

How to receive V4 Red Gems

 Contact us before make your order

Please list an item for sale on Auction House, then send me the Screenshot in Website Chat
Please set a special price, for example, for 1000 red gems, please set like 1,001 ~ 1,010 in order to avoid the same item and price with others.
Trade Market & 5% Sales Fee Not Covered.

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