Temtem Pansun – 1000K (PC Platform)

$336.55 $315.52

Temtem PC Platform

Pack 1Mil Pansun


By buying this product, you will get 1.000.000 Pansun

1 Unit = 1.000.000 Pansun

For Example :
Purchase 1 unit -> You will receive 1.000.000 Pansun
Purchase 2 unit -> You will receive 2.000.000 Pansun

_Please make sure your character name is correct.
_Please prepare some temtem (any) to trade.
_Don’t do empty trade and i need time to puts Pansun, please patience.

_This offer is for virtual currency (Temtem PC Platform) & the delivery method is Trading face to face in game .


Temtem Pansun is the important currecny, you will need a lot of it if you want to boost your favorites Temtems to reach their maximum potential without farming hundreds of battles.

Not long after Temtem released, the number of players in the game is still steadily increasing, but the demand for Temtem Pansun, the currency used in the game has been skyrocketing.

While frequently farming does not meet daily demand, no second way is faster and easier than buying.

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