EVE Online Large Skill Injector – 4% Discount (15+)


[expand title=”Delivery time”]

Within 20 mins. Sometime take up to 2 hours

[expand title=”Delivery Instruction”] After you have placed an order please contact us throught live-chat. Delivery method : Private / Open Contract. You need to prepair 3-4 abyssal modules before place order. Need to send contract with atleast 2-3 abyssal modules to avoid ban [/expand]


EVE Online – Large Skill Injector


Please make sure your character name is correct .
_ Your character must be older than 30 days (for the security of your account)
_This offer is for virtual currency( EVE ONLINE Currency) & delivery method is Making Contract ingame .

Delivery Method :
_When you placed order , i will contact you & Give you name to send contract.
_ Please prepare an “abyssal item” to send contract for safety reason.


Large injector

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