Dofus Kamas – 25Mil


Dofus Kamas – All Server
PACK 25 Million Kamas


_Please make sure your character name is correct.
_Please prepare some items for trade.
_Don’t do empty trade.
_This offer is for virtual currency (Dofus Online) & the delivery method is Trading face to face in game.



Dofus Kamas will help you easily to enjoy the game. You can buy items, resources, equipments to explore and conquer the dofus  touch world.

How to receive Dofus Kamas?

Lekamas use “Face to Face” delivery method for all Dofus Kamas orders in game, We will send you coordinate of map ingame, please make sure you can receive ingame whisper. Then move to the coordinate that we told, we will exchange you once you arrived the coordinate of map. Normally 90% of the orders are delivered within 15 minutes after ordering.

Please check your mail or contact us if you don’t get your kamas in 30 minutes

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