#CR96 [SCID] Lvl13| 103/103 Cards | Challenger III Highest Trophies: 6329 | Gems 971 | Gold 63213 | 48 Emotes


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More account information here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/dh7CJgNqDXEHNUty9
Platform: Android/iOS
K.T Level: 13
Arena: Challenger III
Highest Trophies: 6329
Gem: 971
Gold: 63213
Cards: 103/103
Legendary Cards: 18 (5 maxed)
Maxed Level Cards: 33
Emotes: 48
Tower skins: 3
Name change: 500 gems
Link device: SCID
✅ We can support you change your recovery mail and add phone number.
All you need to do to make the account yours is change google mail’s password, trusted device, etc after you got all of the information we provide! ✅

Please don’t send any questions to Supercell to avoid problem (get locked or banned) on your account.

Contact us via website chat

K.T Level



15-Legendary Arena


Full cards, 20-50 maxed

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