#CR39 [SCID]Lavalon, Electro Wizard, Goblin Barrel, Freeze Max- Miner 8&20- 12 Lvl 12 Cards/ 5891 H Trophies


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Welcome to CNLTeam!

More account information here: https://imgur.com/a/5ribAMk

Android and iOS
✅ Supercell ID
Highest trophies= 5891
Gold= 446
Gems= 202
⭐️ Level= 13
️ Cards= 101/102
Max Cards= 15 (2 Legendary- 3 Epic- 3 Rare- 7 Common)
Lvl 12 Cards= 12 (2 Legendary- 1 Epic- 4 Rare- 5 Common)
Emote= 30 (4 Expensive)
Tower skins= 2
Change name= 500 Gems

Note: Delivery is only a few minutes unless I’m sleeping.
After you make a purchase, please check chat in g2g.
✅ I can support you change your recovery mail and add phone number.
All you need to do to make the account yours is change google mail’s password, trusted device, etc after you got all of the information I provide! ✅

Please don’t send any questions to Supercell to avoid problem (get locked or banned) on your account.

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K.T Level



15-Legendary Arena


Full cards, 1-20 maxed

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