#CR102 [SCID] Lvl12 | 102 Cards | 9 maxed | Highest Trophies: 5619 | Gems 360 | Gold 121669 | 35 Emotes


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More account information here: https://photos.app.goo.gl/L9AQBfHxLbF7M6E37
Platform: Android/iOS
K.T Level: 12
Arena: 12
Highest Trophies: 5619
Gem: 360
Gold: 121669
Cards: 102/103
Legendary Cards: 18 (1maxed)
Max Level Cards: 9
Emotes: 35
Tower skins: 3
Name change: 500 gems
Link device: SCID
✅ We can support you change your recovery mail and add phone number.

(1) Please DON’T do any actions relate to Contact Supercell Support (like change SCID mail, change location…) to avoid problem (get locked or banned) on your account.
(2) Account log in from SCID, so you log in mail ID -> give code from mail. (tell us if you need code from mail).
(3) With Gmail: Let add phone number + password first. Add another information only if your phone number is verified (usually it will need to wait 7 days)
If I helped you add phone number + recovery mail, please wait 7 days for change pasword.
(4) Contact us if you have any trouble. We will not be responsible if you do not follow the instructions.
Contact us via website chat

K.T Level



13-Rascal's Hideout


Not full, 1-20 maxed

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