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- Chapter 0-1
- For

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- Chapter 0-1
- For both Android and IOS
- Total safe, no hack/cheat was used
- TAIWAN is Private taiwan server (NOT SA)
- We can make custome order for NORTH AMERICA and SOUTHEAST ASIA server (you can tell us which character you want)
- Tired of rerolling? We have custome order (character selection, tell us in chat) (example product: https://imgur.com/a/WMnHohE)
- If production have problem/not right, please tell us before you use diamonds/gems, if you use the diamonds, we will not replace/refund

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Welcome to CNLTEAM we

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Welcome to CNLTEAM we present you well build Mid-game Nikke account with tons of resource:
Account spec:
Scarelet : Tier 9 Head piece , Tier 7 Arm , and other tier 6
SKill Level : 6-6-5
C1 Liter : 3 Tier 7 piece n 1 tier 6 equiment
Skill level : 4-4-4
C2 Helm: Tier 6 piece
Skill level: 5-5-5
C1 Admi match with Scarlet
Skill level : 4-4-4
Privaty can pair with Scarelet for Fast reload incress
Skill level : 4-2-4
Dolla : Tier 7 head , tier 6 other piece
Skill level : 5-4-4
Many more in picture Link : https://imgur.com/a/r8ZLHAV
Account reesource :
2380K Credit ( alot credit reward box )
19611K Battle Credit ( Alot of battle credit reward box )
Have just a bit more play to break 121 level cap and can level up to more level
67 Skill advend rescoure box
Tons of Skill updare mats
2K crystal
361 Silver Mileage Ticket
8d day supply left
1350 Body label
Disel Black Sunday Skin
Neon Bling Bullet Skin
Out pot :
Academy Class I
Main Story : 12-20 Stage
Hard Mode : 2-12
Tower : Floor 74 ( can push to next more level but account have been stop played)

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Goddess of Victory: Nikke Gameplay

Goddess of Victory: Nikke is a role-playing video game in which players control one of up to five interchangeable characters (Nikkes). A third-person shooter, players can aim and shoot enemies on a field. If a Nikke is not shooting or runs out of ammunition, she takes cover and automatically reloads her firearm. Each character wields a type of weapon and has three unique combat skills: two normal skills and one Burst skill, the latter is assigned with a numerical value and requires users to accumulate enough cost, amassable through damaging enemies.


Goddess of Victory: Nikke Accounts

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